Dehydrated Chicken Crisps

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Your dog will love this grass fed, antibiotic & hormone free pasture raised chicken! We grind the meat, hearts, gizzards, lungs and liver to create this nutrient packed crisp that dogs & cats love. Gently dehydrated without any added salt sugar or preservatives, made thin so it is easy to break for giving as a treat, using as a food topper or stuffing in a toy to keep your pet happily occupied. This high protein, low fat crisp is available in a 4oz package. 

We're very proud to source our chicken from Uncle Swabb's pastures in Okeechobee, FL. Learn more about them here:

Ingredients: Florida raised chicken
Guranteed Analysis:
Moisture: 9.5%
Crude Protein: 80%
Fat: 4.8%
FIber: <0.2%