Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source the meat and fish from?
Our meats come from Florida farms, our fish from up and down the East coast supplied by Florida fishermen.

Why Florida Fish? I’ve always given my pet Salmon, Cod or Mackerel.
Species like Mullet, Jack Crevalle, Mojarra are low on the food supply chain and found in coastal estuaries, beaches across Florida. These fisheries are abundant in our state and caught by commercial fishermen on small boats, not massive fishing fleets with long lines or large destructive nets that harm the local ecology like the more common commercial fisheries. The more local the source, the less likely the fish were caught questionably. These fish are nutritious, safe and plentiful. With a low mercury risk and high amounts of DHA, Omega-3 they make a great pet treat.
Why Organ meat? Seems weird.
The weirder it seems to you, the more likely it’s good for your pet! (With the required due diligence!) Pound for pound, organ meat is more nutritionally dense than muscle meat, and dogs usually enjoy the organs more. The vitamins, enzymes, and minerals found in liver, heart, other organs are more concentrated than your basic strips of muscle meat. So yes, while we may enjoy our ribeye, a beef heart stew is a little better for us, and our pets.
How are these treats made?
We believe there is brilliance in simplicity. Our jerkies and chews are dehydrated for 20 hours at 160 degrees Fahrenheit, then flash baked at 325 degrees for additional safety. Feel free to reach out with ideas, suggestions or questions for making your own treats at home!
My dog has a sensitive stomach/allergies, would these treats be good for them?
Fish is the leanest protein available, making them naturally low in fat compared to organ meat. While you know your dog best, single ingredient treats like what we offer are common for sensitive bellies. Of course, always consult your veterinarian when considering diet changes and you are always welcome to reach out to have a conversation about your pet. If our offerings aren’t a good fit, we’re still always happy to share resources for your research.

How long do the Mahi skins last?
If your dog enjoys them, maybe up to a minute or two. It is just fish skin with no crazy chemistry efforts to make them last longer. Remember the Mahi skins are meant to be a treat chew, not a recreational chew and are easily digestible. With any dog however, supervise your pup for safety.
How bad is the smell?
Well, no preservatives, no additives, no fillers, no gimmicks. Our jerkies and chews are exactly what we say they are so yeah, if you leave the bag open you are likely to smell what your pet is craving. It’s how we stay true to our values of offering single ingredient, minimally processed treats.

What’s the best way to store these treats?
You can keep the treats in an air tight container, out of direct sunlight. While you can refrigerate or freeze them, remember that if you do, they will spoil faster if you return them to room temperature for storage.
Are you only available online?
Nope! Currently we can be found at local Farmer’s Markets in South Florida, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where we will be, stop and say hi! We are working on retail locations in Florida and will let you know when that happens.
Can people eat these jerkies?
Legally, we have to remind you these treats are not for human consumption. Anecdotally, we may have witnessed differently in the past 😉